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Catch a Wave Snapshot Contest!

If there’s such thing as the perfect wave, you can find it along the North Shore of Oahu. And now winter storms in the Pacific Ocean are creating the biggest waves of the year for Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, making for intense surfing competitions like “The Eddie” in memory of legendary lifeguard of Waimea, Eddie Aikau.

Guardians of the Sea – Legendary Lifeguards of Oahu

Explore.org founder Charlie Annenberg travels to Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline – one of the most celebrated and dangerous waves in the world – to pay tribute to Oahu’s legendary lifeguards, “the modern-day sheriffs of the Wild West”.

Aquarius Fun: Hawaii Pipeline Cam

Catching a little air in the Pipeline, this photo snapshot comes from explore.org fan pamela. From Surfline, it looks like a good day to be celebrating February in Hawaii: The Morning Report: New NW swell is peaking this morning with some large to extra large surf on tap. Pipe is FIRING this morning with some hollow lefts

Biggest Swell in Decades to Hit Hawaii Today!

The biggest swell in decades is headed toward Hawaii today and you can catch it all – tidal, surf, waves and surfers! – on the live cams at explore.org. From Kauai.com: #BIGWEDNESDAY countdown to possibly the largest swell to hit Hawaii in decades, being categorized as “damaging surf” by the National Weather Service projected to generate waves

Time to chillax

It’s finally Friday. Time to chillax, so dive in deep with these bumpy, but nonetheless seductive singers. North Pacific humpbacks “mate and give birth in Hawaii and then travel to Alaska each summer to feed” (PBS). “The endangered humpback is protected by law and populations have rebounded to nearly 20,000 worldwide, about 20 percent of