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This Week on Explore (9/22)

This week we’ve had some exceptional sunrises on Dumpling Mountain! Just see for yourself… Bergin University has welcomed a brand new litter! Make sure to tune into the live cam here! Eagle Season is approaching! We held a live chat with Raptor Resource Project in anticipation for the upcoming season. Take a look here: Our

Top Snapshots of the Week!

Once again, you explorers blow us away with the amazing snapshots you take every single day! Here are our top photos from this week! We can’t wait to see what photos you snap next week! Click here to see ALL the gorgeous snapshots taken by our community!

rainbow over churchill

Welcome to Churchill. Where the Heck Am I?

If you’re already an avid follower of our Polar Bear, Beluga Sky (Northern Lights) or Underwater Beluga Whale Cams, then you’ve heard the name Churchill over and over again. But where exactly is it and what makes it such a hot spot for these amazing and threatened creatures?

24 Hours in Churchill

From dawn to dusk to midnight dancing skies, here’s how you pass 24-hours in a small, Arctic town with unmatched celestial beauty.

manitoba sunrise

Zen Den: Manitoba Sunrise

It’s Friday. Enter the Zen Den.

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