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black-legged kittiwakes

Kittiwakes Use Scent to Find Mates for an Important Reason

Birds like black-legged kittiwakes aren’t into inbreeding and recent research has shown how these animals determine who is and is not related to them. According to Science Daily, researchers have found that these birds can identify kin by scent.


Researchers Learn How Wild Cats Evolved into House Cats

Ever wonder how cats became evolved into household pets? Science may have the answer. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine studied genetic changes in the mighty cat and recently published those findings in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Science reports on the study, noting that scientists found a minimum of 13 genes

Explore and Puffins Making the News

You may have seen all the good Puffin news on the blogs today! Yahoo News & ABC reported on our need for “Puffinologists.” Check out the video here! “[Dr. Steve] Kress said the information gathered by puffin watchers will be included in published papers. The goal is to document how much food it takes for puffin chicks

How to watch the first solar eclipse of 2014 online

mothernaturenetwork: The ‘bizarre eclipse’ will mostly be visible in person to penguins in Antarctica and some lucky Australians, but thanks to live web feeds from some telescopes, anyone can watch.  

Panda Sweet Tooth

Based on a recent study, it turns out pandas have a sweet tooth. We know they primarily munch on bamboo — and that in captivity, they enjoy sweeter treats like apples and sweet potatoes — but these findings tell us more than just that. It’s actually an effort to go back in time and and understand

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