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Brown Bears: Spring Emergence

By Mike Fitz After a long winter, Katmai rouses in March and April. Daylight lengthens as the sun creeps progressively higher in the sky. Thaw weakens ice on ponds, lakes, and rivers. Flower buds open on willows, monopolizing the attention of queen bumblebees. Migratory songbirds begin to arrive and hibernating animals stir in their dens.

brown bear fishing

Final Phase of the “Bear Butts” Contest

Your best days aren’t behind you and this isn’t the tail end of things. You still have time to join in the games, so get off your derriere and vote! Here’s how:

brown bear takes a walk during sunrise

A Sunrise Walk in Alaska

It doesn’t get more majestic or peaceful than this, even when sea planes glide gently from bay to sky.

NPR Covers Story of Holly & Her Cubs

NPR has picked up on our brown bear superstar, Holly, with Melissa Block’s interview of Ranger Roy and a segment titled: In Alaska, An Uncommon Act Of Maternal Love. 

brown bear indy goes fishing

Meet Indy and Learn to Fish

Meet one of our newest bears on the Bear Cam. Viewer riverrock :0) has helped with our Citizen Science and offers this excellent description of our quick-footed bear.

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