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Live Chat with Marine Ecologist Chris Malinowski January 30th at 2pm ET/11am PT

Explore.org‘s partnership with Teens4Oceans has brought exciting new Shark and Barracuda Cams and the ever-popular Cayman Reef Cam. Now join us for a live chat with marine ecologist Chris Malinowski on January 30th at 2pm ET/11am PT from the Shark Cam. It’s your chance to ask an expert questions about the creatures of the Atlantic

Blue Tang fish

Blue Tang Transforms Before Your Eyes!

The Cayman Reef Cam boasts some pretty amazing creatures, from squid to scrawled filefish. Sometimes ocean life truly astounds, like the color-changing Blue Tang.

Cayman Scrawled Filefish

Coral Reef is THE Spot for Sea Creatures in the Know

Tiny tentacled polyps called corals secrete calcium carbonate, which hardens to give the creatures a skeleton. The exoskeletons of millions of the individual polyps fused together provide the backbone of a whole underwater ecosystem for 25% of the sea’s creatures, the coral reef.

Caribbean Reef Squid

Squids Spotted on the Cayman Cam

A couple of Caribbean Reef Squids were spotted on our Cayman Reef Cam over the weekend. As the torpedo-shaped twosome hovered above the coral, their tentacles billowing in the current, they interacted with each other. Flirting, maybe? Check out the highlight clip below and catch some of the colorful surprise guests towards the end of

Follow that Fish!

Do you ever find yourself perplexed by all the colorful fish in the sea?! This great snapshot by mmharris44 from our Cayman Reef Cam was identified by another Explore.org fan, Anna-Marie_AZ, as a Schoolmaster Snapper. Anna-Marie found a fantastic Caribbean Reef Fish Guide that you can use to follow along with the live cam!  Did You Know? According to

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