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Blue Tang fish

Blue Tang

Blue Tang Transforms Before Your Eyes!

The Cayman Reef Cam boasts some pretty amazing creatures, from squid to scrawled filefish. Sometimes ocean life truly astounds, like the color-changing Blue Tang.

Blue Tangs live in warm tropical waters near coral reefs and are a type of surgeonfish; that name a reference to the extremely sharp spines on each side of the fish’s tail, which are said to resemble scalpels. They have a very dazzling defense mechanism, one that allows it to blend in with surrounding water. When the sunlight changes the tone of the sea’s color, the Tang itself will adjust its own shading from a dark blue to a vibrant aqua blue color. Our Cayman Reef Cam caught a Blue Tang during this trippy transformation, and it has to be seen to be believed. So, see it here!

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