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Live Chat with Marine Ecologist Chris Malinowski January 30th at 2pm ET/11am PT

Explore.org‘s partnership with Teens4Oceans has brought exciting new Shark and Barracuda Cams and the ever-popular Cayman Reef Cam. Now join us for a live chat with marine ecologist Chris Malinowski on January 30th at 2pm ET/11am PT from the Shark Cam. It’s your chance to ask an expert questions about the creatures of the Atlantic

Caribbean Reef Squid

Squids Spotted on the Cayman Cam

A couple of Caribbean Reef Squids were spotted on our Cayman Reef Cam over the weekend. As the torpedo-shaped twosome hovered above the coral, their tentacles billowing in the current, they interacted with each other. Flirting, maybe? Check out the highlight clip below and catch some of the colorful surprise guests towards the end of


Southern Stingray: Caught on Camera

Stingrays are occasional passers-by on the Cayman Reef Cam. This one gave us a great view!

coral reef

It’s a Rock, It’s a Plant… It’s a Coral!

It’s easy to do – you’re swimming along in a coral reef and you come across a big soft (Gorgonian) coral and you think to yourself, “what a nice little tree!” and around the next bend you see a large stony (Scleractinian) coral and say (making lots of bubbles) “my, what a big boulder!” Both

5 Best Cayman Reef Photos Of The Week

There are many varieties of fish that live in the Cayman Reef. See how many different fish you are able to see on the live cam. Here are five of the best photos captured off the underwater camera.

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