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Blue Tang fish

Blue Tang Transforms Before Your Eyes!

The Cayman Reef Cam boasts some pretty amazing creatures, from squid to scrawled filefish. Sometimes ocean life truly astounds, like the color-changing Blue Tang.

Cayman Scrawled Filefish

Coral Reef is THE Spot for Sea Creatures in the Know

Tiny tentacled polyps called corals secrete calcium carbonate, which hardens to give the creatures a skeleton. The exoskeletons of millions of the individual polyps fused together provide the backbone of a whole underwater ecosystem for 25% of the sea’s creatures, the coral reef.

New Reef Cam from Caribbean

Explore.org has partnered with Teens4Oceans and established a new, wild live cam. A mile off shore, powered by a floating solar platform, the Cayman Reef Cam is situated inside the fringe reef on Grand Cayman’s East End. It’s panning tour includes views of a coral that serves as a cleaning station for fish and cleaner