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Caribbean Reef Squid

Squids Spotted on the Cayman Cam

A couple of Caribbean Reef Squids were spotted on our Cayman Reef Cam over the weekend. As the torpedo-shaped twosome hovered above the coral, their tentacles billowing in the current, they interacted with each other. Flirting, maybe? Check out the highlight clip below and catch some of the colorful surprise guests towards the end of

The Squid Hound

Which animal has the nickname, “squid hound”? A strange type of dog? Nope, the beluga whale.

Amazing Deep Sea Creatures: bigfin reef squid

In the tropical sea at depths of up to 200 meters, you’ll find the bigfin reef squid. Though “big” is in its name, it grows to just a foot in length, but it’s appetite is a big surprise. The squid captures prey with its 10 tentacles and can eat up to 30% of its body

It’s the Size of a Grain of Rice — I Squid You Not!