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This Week on Explore (7/14)

Service Dog Project has welcomed a new baby donkey! Lin Ping has given birth to twins! Sadly, two of Rachel and Steve’s chicks have been taken by GHO predation. Bailey is still healthy and actively being watched by Rachel and Steve.  Doves egg have hatched! Congrats BellaDonna & Adonis! Best Bear Sighting This Week! A

Owl Chat with Denver Holt!

Join us on Friday, June 23rd, at 2 pm PST as we close out owl season with Founder and President of Owl Research Institute and host of explore’s Great Horned and Long-eared Owl Cams.

Daily Dose of Love: Owlet Breaks the Fourth Wall

Great Gray Owlet Inspects Camera! Ever since the Great Gray Owlets left their nest, they’ve been busy exploring the world around them. Our cam ops even spotted this curious owlet inspecting our live cam setup! No word on whether he was impressed, but he did give us a cool and unexpected close-up. Try and catch

A Surprise Reunion for the Owl Chicks

The six long-eared owl chicks have left the nest, branching out to surrounding trees where they’re learning to fly and hunt on their own. But the Owl Cam captured a surprise reunion from the owlets, one that even owl experts weren’t expecting! Jessica Larson of Owl Research Institute tells us more.

Video Update: Denver Holt on the Long Eared Owl Fledglings

The six long-eared owls have left the nest, branching out to surrounding trees where they will eventually learn to fly and hunt on their own (though they’re still dependent on their parents now).

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