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Long-eared owl mom and her fluffy chicks.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Great Horned Owl Chick

Adorable owlet rips apart rodent

Sometimes the cutest owl chicks do less-than-adorable (but still fascinating) things. Check out this video of what looks like the Great Horned Owl chick ripping apart a rodent. Experts from the Owl Research Institute informs us further:


See who’s new on the Great Horned Owl Cam!

Last year’s Great Horned Owl Cam was a nest full of drama as the tiny owlet jumped from the tree and wandered lost through a field tall grass before Owl Research Institute head Denver Holt made a daring rescue. Owl’s well that ends well and the chick successfully fledged a few days later. Now the

Where’s Waldo?! Flown the Coop!

Our Great Horned Owl mom and owlet, Waldo, have seemed to fledge and flown the coop for the summer. Here’s an update from our partners at the Owl Research Institute: Hi all, thanks for patiently waiting for an update. After searching the area this morning, Matt was not able to locate Mom or Waldo. He

Our Brave Owlet!

Sometimes you have to fall before you can fly… Sometimes things get exciting on the Great Horned Owl Live Cam! Our little Owlet has been practicing flying, hopping, climbing and even falling. You, our Explore.org fans, have served a great help in monitoring his growth and safety! From ORI: Denver, from the Owl Research Institute

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