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Snapshot by T.P. Speedy

This Week on Explore (7/14)

Service Dog Project has welcomed a new baby donkey!

SDP_Donkey_Baby_Jacqueline(CA) cp 2016

Snapshot by Jacqueline (CA) cp 2016

Lin Ping has given birth to twins!

Lin Ping 100

Sadly, two of Rachel and Steve’s chicks have been taken by GHO predation. Bailey is still healthy and actively being watched by Rachel and Steve. 

Snapshot by GAngel

Snapshot by GAngel

Doves egg have hatched! Congrats BellaDonna & Adonis!

Doves_Hatched_ChrissyM CA

Snapshot by ChrissyM CA

Best Bear Sighting This Week! A sweet nursing cub and its mother bond by the banks! 


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