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Long-eared owl mom and her fluffy chicks.

A Surprise Reunion for the Owl Chicks

The six long-eared owl chicks have left the nest, branching out to surrounding trees where they’re learning to fly and hunt on their own. But the Owl Cam captured a surprise reunion from the owlets, one that even owl experts weren’t expecting! Jessica Larson of Owl Research Institute tells us more.

“By now, most people that have tuned into the owl nest cameras know that the young owls disperse from the nest before they can fly, climbing up into the surrounding vegetation to hide. Although they leave the nest, they are still dependent on the adults to provide food for them until their flight skills develop and they learn to hunt. Once they leave the nest, we generally don’t expect them to return, even though they stay in the immediate area. But then, thanks to the opportunities afforded by these cameras, we get to observe things like yesterday’s homecoming. Another fascinating moment at Explore.org, indeed! Why all these young owls returned to the nest yesterday is anybody’s guess, but it’s sure fun to see them all back.”

Watch the highlight clip below: