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Denver Holt Live Chat 8/11

Denver Holt will be returning on August 11th at 4 pm PT/ 7 pm ET for another live chat! In this chat, he will discuss both owl and osprey related questions and hopes to give you a better understanding of the animals as well as recent events. Please submit your questions here so we can

Denver Holt Live Chat Recap!

Did you miss last week’s owl live chat with Denver Holt? We’ve got you covered! Below is the full video as well as the transcribed version! A big thank you to Cathy Seymour for transcribing the live chat!   Denver Holt Live Chat 6/23/17 transcribed by Cathy Seymour  Good afternoon from Charlo Montana, I am Denver Holt

Owl Chat with Denver Holt!

Join us on Friday, June 23rd, at 2 pm PST as we close out owl season with Founder and President of Owl Research Institute and host of explore’s Great Horned and Long-eared Owl Cams.

Owls of North America: Pygmy & Elf

In the world of tiny flyers, the Pygmy (above) and Elf Owls take top place. The Northern Pygmy Owl can be found along the West Coast of North America, but is hard to spot at only 7-7.5 inches tall. Though his size doesn’t stop him from much. “This small owl sometimes hunts by day, attacking

Owls of North America: Snowy Owl

Tracking the Snowy Owl, “in what experts say is the largest migration south in two decades, the large predators with blizzardlike plumage that normally reside in the Arctic have been showing up across the eastern United States and beyond.” See the article and track the Snowy Owl at the NYTimes. You can see the live, serene