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Long-eared owl mom and her fluffy chicks.

Video Update: Denver Holt on the Long Eared Owl Fledglings

The six long-eared owls have left the nest, branching out to surrounding trees where they will eventually learn to fly and hunt on their own (though they’re still dependent on their parents now).

Owl Research Institute Founder Denver Holt recorded a follow-up video with lots of great information on what we’ve seen this season on the nest, a bit on the life-cycle of the young owls, and updates on where the chicks are now. ORI told us, “We checked on the area today and found the chicks. They are doing great and some are starting to fly fairly well!” Watch Denver’s update below:

If you’d like to help out and volunteer with Owl Research Institute, check out their website: http://owlinstitute.org/support.html