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Daily Dose Of Love: Bear Cubs Are Just Like Kids!

The Best Toys Are Made By Mother Nature Brown bear cubs are kinda like kids, take them outdoors and you bet they’ll find a stick to play with. Hope all you explorers have a great long weekend and Labor Day! Rick | explore.org

Daily Dose of Love: Bear Cub Salmon Thief!

The Lil’est Salmon Snatcher! “I’ll just take this! K, thnx mom byyyyye!” This is our favorite bear cam moment of the week, when mama bear shared a salmon with her roly poly cub – only for the little one to make off with most of it! Om nom nom. Make sure to tune into our Brown

This Week on Explore (7/14)

Service Dog Project has welcomed a new baby donkey! Lin Ping has given birth to twins! Sadly, two of Rachel and Steve’s chicks have been taken by GHO predation. Bailey is still healthy and actively being watched by Rachel and Steve.  Doves egg have hatched! Congrats BellaDonna & Adonis! Best Bear Sighting This Week! A

Bear Cam Contest: When Will We See Otis?

UPDATE: Otis returned to Brooks Falls on June 30th, and our closest-guessing entry has been notified. Thanks for playing, everyone! Patience is a virtue, and Bearcam fan favorite Otis knows that better than anyone – he’ll sit in the Brooks Falls Jacuzzi for hours on end until he’s full of fish. Now, you’ll need his

The Teenagers Of The Bear World

By “The Artist Formerly Known as Ranger Mike” Fitz Recently I speculated that 435 Holly and her two cubs might go their separate ways. Since then, park rangers spotted Holly’s adopted cub, 503 Cubadult, wandering alone near the mouth of Brooks River.

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