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A National Park in India Plans to Use New Technology to Fight Poachers

Poachers are a problem that many of the world’s creatures face and conservationists are taking steps to combat that. In various countries in Africa, dogs are employed to hunt down the poachers. Now, in India, Panna National Park is getting ready to use radar to keep the threat away from local tigers.

Puffin Parenting

explorecams: Both parents trying to keep dry on the Puffin Burrow cam.

June 2nd, 2:44AM

The first chick has hatched! After a long 15 hour process, the chick went from a pip in the shell to completely cracking it in two. It came out looking healthy and tired, like many of us who stayed up to watch this beautiful event occur. The sex of the chick will not be known

Sleeping Beauty

Rachel finds a moment of respite during a restless night on the nest.