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Bella Hummingbird Hatch Watch Starts Today!

Bella Hummingbird joined explore with two little white eggs as small as jelly beans. Since it’s been 15 days since the second egg was laid, we’re keeping an eye on the nest for the two chicks to hatch, breaking out using a little hook on their beaks. When they do, the chicks will be dark,

We’re Cracking Up On the Osprey Cam!

Pip Pip Hooray! Rachel’s first laid egg has pipped – the Hog Island osprey chick utilizing the “egg tooth” on its beak to crack the shell into a small star-shaped hole. Some things to know about this emerging brood: Nestling Ospreys have orange irises, in contrast to the lemon yellow irises of adults. A brood of

Rachel Lays the First Osprey Egg of the Season

Audubon Live Cam: Congratulations on your first egg of the season, Rachel and Steve! The egg arrived on Sunday April 27th at 14:50 PDT. Appearing cream in color, the larger end is wreathed and spotted with reddish brown. Rachel will lay subsequently smaller eggs as the first is almost always the largest of Osprey clutches. Expect

Hope Has Arrived!

Our new puffling, named “Hope” (by our viewers), has arrived! Be sure to watch the cam today! http://explore.org/#!/live-cams/player/puffin-burrow-cam

Puffin Parenting

explorecams: Both parents trying to keep dry on the Puffin Burrow cam.

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