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sumatraanse tiger

A National Park in India Plans to Use New Technology to Fight Poachers

Poachers are a problem that many of the world’s creatures face and conservationists are taking steps to combat that. In various countries in Africa, dogs are employed to hunt down the poachers. Now, in India, Panna National Park is getting ready to use radar to keep the threat away from local tigers.

river ganges ceremony

Travel the River of Compassion

The Ganges River is the mother of India, yet she is endangered by pollution. Meet Swamiji Muni Baba and other great Indian minds who refuse to let her die. 

choosing Happiness a short fim - wisdom

Watch “Choose Happiness”- A Short Film

What is the secret to happiness? Explore visited Jaipur, India and asked a humble farmer traveling by camel this question. His answer; choose happiness. We all have the ability to wake up every day and choose to be happy. We choose to put a smile on our face instead of a frown. We can choose

Watch “India’s Song” – A Short Film

As the Explore team travels around the world, one of their primary concerns is to learn about endangered species, environments, and people, so they can better champion those that work tirelessly to preserve them. Traveling through India, Explore learned of another endangered creature; Indian culture. Specifically, the culture of music. This includes the music not

Make an Appointment with Doctor Dog

At the Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation in India, it’s a furry friend who does the curing. Doctor Dog is a program of about 20 dogs that visit students with learning disabilities. The dogs help the students overcome their shyness, and improve social and speaking skills. One boy, who could barely speak, spoke his first sentence for

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