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brown bear in river fishing for salmon

5 Best Brown Bear Photos Of The Week

Wow, there were some amazing photos being captured this week! The brown bears seem to be catching a lot of fish. They certainly look like they are having fun doing it too! Here are five of the best photos of the week captured with the live cam. Try your hand at capturing photos, and maybe yours

beautiful kitten from kitten rescue

5 Best Kitten Rescue Photos Of The Week

These kittens are so sweet. They have been busy this week, eating, sleeping, cuddling and playing. Take a look at the live kitten cam for your daily dose of cuteness. Try capturing some adorable photos yourself, and maybe see them featured in next weeks top 5! Kitten Rescue Camera

hugging penguins

5 Best Penguin Photos Of The Week

The penguins have had a busy week swimming, eating fish, and of course looking adorable! Here are five of the best photos taken from the live cam. Have a look for yourself, and see if you are able to capture some amazing photos! Perhaps yours will be featured in next weeks top 5! Penguin Live Cam

5 Best Chipmunk Photos Of The Week

The chipmunks are quite camouflaged within the forest. These little creatures are adorable to watch, jumping through the trees, munching on nuts and other various foods. Take a look on the live cam to see how many chipmunks you are able to spot. Here are five of the best pics of the week, captured from the

5 Best African Watering Hole Photos Of The Week

It is still summer, and the animals at the African Watering Hole are having fun splashing in the water! Take a look at the live cam, and see which animals you see swimming and drinking at the watering hole. Try your hand at capturing photos on the live cam, and perhaps your photo will be

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