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owl family

Watch “A Mother’s Warmth”- A Short Film

In this short film you will see a mother owl keeping her baby owlets warm in their nest, as the snow blows a chilly air.


Gyrfalcons Need Lunch Too

After the Friday night blizzard in Churchill, Manitoba, Saturday’s clear and sunny weather was very welcome for both people and polar bears! However, there was another animal that seemed to appreciate the clear skies- a gyrfalcon!

Fun Osprey Facts

From our Cam Operators: JUST SOME FUN FACTS ABOUT OUR OSPREY CAM! COME CHECK IT OUT NOW! LIVE! #OSPREYS #LIVE #EXPLORE See the return of Rachel and Steve (we think!) on the Live Cam now!

Growing Up So Quickly!

The osprey chicks aren’t chicks anymore! They are nearly the size of their parents! Photo Capture by Sheri Cochran

Osprey Live Chat: Rob Bierregaard

Here is the recording of Dr. Rob Bierregaard’s excellent second live chat on the Hog Island Osprey Cam. It was great fun ! Thank you, everyone who participated and asked questions. http://explore.org/#!/videos/p…

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