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Brown Bears: Spring Emergence

By Mike Fitz After a long winter, Katmai rouses in March and April. Daylight lengthens as the sun creeps progressively higher in the sky. Thaw weakens ice on ponds, lakes, and rivers. Flower buds open on willows, monopolizing the attention of queen bumblebees. Migratory songbirds begin to arrive and hibernating animals stir in their dens.


Feral Cats and Kitten Rescue

Although the exact numbers are unknown, there is a a massive population of feral cats living in Los Angeles. These are cats who live on the streets and never learned to socialize with humans. There are a number of them who live at Kitten Rescue. Sometimes, the feral cats will warm up to their caretakers

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Breathtaking Bison Snaps from the Grasslands

Today on the Grasslands National Park Cams we were treated to a rare and captivating sight – a hefty herd of bison trekking across the prairie and stopping for a nap. Our quick-clicking viewers took snapshots of these lumbering ungulates which we’d love to share with you! Watch the Bison Cam Live EXPLORE The Complete

Polar Bear Cam Is Live!

A mass of white is spotted from afar. “I think that’s one!” Emily, a volunteer with Polar Bears International exclaimed as she pulled the binoculars away from their seemingly permanent position on her face. Buggy One slowly approached the bear and came to a stop. The engine is shut down. Stillness. An elegant polar bear

Waddle this Way!

Did You Know? A group of penguins can have several different names. A group of penguins is a “colony,” but when on land, also referred to as a “waddle”. When they are at sea and close together, they are a “raft” of penguins! See them waddle on the live cam at the Aquarium of the

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