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Happy Independence Day from Project Puffin!

Hope Hatches! In a rock crevice at Seal Island NWR, 18 miles to sea from Rockland, Maine,  a pair of puffins have nested together for many years.  Last year their attempt to raise a chick ended when puffin chick ‘Petey’ starved because the parents could only find over-sized butterfish that were too large for it

Puffin Parenting

explorecams: Both parents trying to keep dry on the Puffin Burrow cam.


A pretty puffin patiently protects its potential progeny in this peaceful and practical place.

The Oily Truth

The auks, particularly razorbills and guillemots, are the seabirds most seriously affected by oil pollution, probably because they spend more time on the water than gulls or cormorants which feed at sea but return to land to roost. The auks are also more likely to dive when in trouble, so collect more oil on their

Our New Puffin Burrow Cam

audubonbirdcams: Many of our viewers have been wondering about the new location of our Puffin Burrow Cam. Within a puffin burrow, there is a small area that functions almost as a bathroom — the parents and chick use it as a toilet! The chick keeps away from the area, as soiling its feathers could damage