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Get to know the Shark Lagoon!

Content provided by Derek BalsillieĀ of Aquarium of the PacificĀ  The Aquarium of the Pacific is a nonprofit educational institution with the goal of creating awareness and inspiring respect for the ocean and its inhabitants. Sharks are one of the most misunderstood marine animals and are facing devastating threats. By allowing people to come close to


Brown Bears: Take Part When You Watch

The Brown Bear Cams in Alaska’s Katmai National Park are live again for the season, bears are waking up, and our partners would like you to take part in research while you watch.

Hammerhead shark

Hammerhead Shark’s Journey May Help Conservationists

The adventures of hammerhead sharks have provided information that may help protect the endangered creatures. According to Live Science, researchers tagged three sharks in the Gulf of California and tracked their journeys.


Africa’s Giraffe Population Is in Trouble

Giraffes are in trouble and, according to a recent story from Scientific American, the plight of these magnificent creatures has fallen under the radar.

sumatraanse tiger

A National Park in India Plans to Use New Technology to Fight Poachers

Poachers are a problem that many of the world’s creatures face and conservationists are taking steps to combat that. In various countries in Africa, dogs are employed to hunt down the poachers. Now, in India, Panna National Park is getting ready to use radar to keep the threat away from local tigers.

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