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Top Snapshots of the Week!

Once again, you explorers blow us away with the amazing snapshots you take every single day! Here are our top photos from this week! We can’t wait to see what photos you snap next week! Click here to see ALL the gorgeous snapshots taken by our community!


Featured User Snapshots of February

Wow! We had an incredible amount of snapshots taken this month, each one as gorgeous as the next. Below are some of our favorite snapshots from February! Sleepy kitty by ConnieSlotkin Sweet Sea Lion by Starry Bison Sunset by Remington714 Protective Momma by KLTARVIN Full Eclipse on our Bison Cam by HuskerBear   Check out more

Gyrfalcon seen on the Northern Lights Cam

Rare and Beautiful Gyrfalcon Gets its Own Live Chat with Expert Kurt Burnham

A rare and ghostly Gyrfalcon has made several appearances this season on explore’s Northern Lights Cam, presiding over the stark Manitoba tundra and awing thousands of viewers all over the world.

Heddy the Hummingbird

Meet little Heddy Hummingbird!

Hedera – Heddy for short – is an Allen’s Hummingbird nesting outside a home in Van Nuys, CA, and the newest addition to the nature and wildlife cameras on explore.org. She’s caring for her two young chicks amongst the ivy on a bottlebrush tree, a favorite nesting site of several female Allen’s Hummingbirds over the

Rosie on Bella's Nest

Facing starvation, hummingbird chicks are moved for rehabilitation

There’s been quite a bit of drama at Bella Hummingbird’s Nest recently; a hummingbird “intruder” nicknamed Rosie has been aggressively harassing the chicks and mom. In the past few days she has even built her own nest mere feet from Bella’s. But the tension has taken a more serious turn as Rosie may have interfered

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