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How does a bear family breakup?

By Mike Fitz Through the Bearcam Question form Susan asks, “Have you seen bears ‘emancipate’ their cubs? How do they do it? Drive them away?” I’ve witnessed a bear become emancipated from its mother just once, and at the time I didn’t realize what was happening. In late June 2014, bear 402 had a single

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What to Look for 2018: The Bear Hierarchy

By Mike Fitz From 2011 to 2016, bear 856 was one of the most dominant animals at Brooks River. Through his large size and, especially, his assertive disposition, he could go where he wanted and fish when he wanted to. Last July, however, 856 did not maintain his rank at the top of the bear

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2018 Bearcam Stories: The Elders of Brooks River

By Mike Fitz Two of bearcam’s most recognizable bears are also the oldest known bears at Brooks River. Bears 410 and 480 Otis, have survived the last several years in the face of competition from younger, larger, and stronger bears. How will their experience help them meet the challenges of making a living this summer?

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Favorite Bear Memory: LaniH

My favorite memory would have to be the little lip fisher subadult. We first noticed her at the end of August and she climbed up on the lip and approached the edge but backed off and sat down. She sat there for a few minutes then got back up and approached the edge again, she

Snapshot by BruniCaselli

Share Your Bear Cam Memories!

It’s almost time for #bearcam and we know you are all on the edges of your seats! While we wait, share you favorite snapshot and #bearcam memory in the comments below! We will select winners and feature their stories here and on other platforms. So what are you waiting for? Share with us your unforgettable bear

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