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Round Island Foxes

By Margaret Archibald Red foxes are one of the special guest stars on the explore.org “walrus cam” where their cameos are often caught by sharp-eyed viewers as they tiptoe between the slumbering masses of walrus. The Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is both the largest land mammal and the largest land predator on Round Island. The role

fox cuddles with man

This Fox Loves Cuddles from a Human Friend

Across the globe, the fox is often perceived as a crafty little creature; think of the Kitsune in Japanese tales. Or, just look to English, where we say someone is “sly as a fox” or where “vixen,” a female fox, is used as a not-too-kind term to describe a woman. Perhaps the fox is just

New Cam LIVE Today!

Feeling cheeky, I see… Well then, check out our newest Chipmunk Live Cam! Along a mountain ridge in Colorado, view life on the log with three species of chipmunks, two species of squirrel, and the occasional fox, deer, bear, antelope, and various bird species. Recognized for their pudgy cheeks, big glossy eyes, striped fur and

White As Snow

One of the best surprises on our lives cams are the understudies to the stars. On the Polar Bear Live Cam, you can catch glimpses of other endangered animals like this guy – the arctic fox. Just around two feet long, the arctic fox is adept at blending into the background. In the winter this fox

Caught on the Bison Cam

We think the fox above is the Swift Fox – one of the rare and threatened species that call Grasslands National Park their native home. Fast Facts: They received the name “swift” fox because of their speediness. Swift foxes are nocturnal, vocal and non-territorial. They spend more time underground in their burrows than any other canid.