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Brown Bears: Spring Emergence

By Mike Fitz After a long winter, Katmai rouses in March and April. Daylight lengthens as the sun creeps progressively higher in the sky. Thaw weakens ice on ponds, lakes, and rivers. Flower buds open on willows, monopolizing the attention of queen bumblebees. Migratory songbirds begin to arrive and hibernating animals stir in their dens.

polar bears

Polar Bear Week Starts Today!

Our favorite week is finally here: Polar Bear Week! We invite you to join us every single day of the week as we dedicate seven full days to celebrating our favorite arctic animal. Every year, we hold Polar Bear Week in early November during the polar bear migration to Churchill, Manitoba. Polar bears gather near

The Evolution and Adaptation on Seal Island

Mother Jones and Upworthy shared a story about the Puffin Project and specifically about the unfortunate fate of a Puffling in 2012. This sad story has a silver lining, helping the Audubon, bird and climate experts understand the adaptations of Puffins, Razorbills and other birds on Seal Island. The warming waters off Maine’s coast from climate change

King Tides of California

Surfers will be happy across the Southland as the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon are in alignment at the end of the month. From the Aquarium of the Pacific: “Here in California, we will experience the year’s highest tides, or ‘king tides,’ on January 31. You have the opportunity be a citizen scientist

A Change at the Top of the World

The defining question of this century will be: how do we simultaneously preserve the environment and shareholder wealth? In one of the most remote places in the world, learn more about Inuit culture and climate change in this award winning video by Explore.org.

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