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Daily Dose Of Love: Coyote Howls At Full Corn Moon!

Have You Ever Heard The Coyote Cry To The Corn Moon? Last night our bison live cam captured what’s being called a “Corn Moon” – an early September full moon named for the crop that’s usually harvested this season. This lone coyote must have thought the moon was as beautiful as we did since it serenaded the

Daily Dose of Love: Stormy Plains

Storm Clouds, Storm Clouds, Never Go Away! What’s the saying again? Stormy days make us sway? No? Oh right, I just made that up. I guess it was because I couldn’t help but get hypnotized by the zen flow of the storm clouds beginning to form. I think it is safe to say that I don’t

Daily Dose of Love: Bison Gets Down And Dirty!

Bison Bites The Dust! What are you guys up to this weekend? Getting down and dirty at the club like this bison? No, me neither. Did you know that rolling in the dirt is almost like a bath for bison? It shoos away pesky biting flies and removes tufts of molted fur. And it leaves

Goodbye to Belugas, Summer, and Dear Friends

By Hayley Shephard, Beluga Boat Captain The summer season seems to move through so swiftly in the Churchill region, influenced by our 58 degrees of latitude and the Sub-Arctic climes. It would have been much easier to end the Beluga Boat Season had we experienced a typical fall day with strong bitingly cold winds blowing

Beluga Boat Interns Reflect On Their Summer

This summer, Polar Bears International has hired local Churchill summer students to assist Captain Hayley on the Beluga Boat. Now that the season is winding down, the interns reflect on their time on the river. Aidan: “Same Town, New Appreciation” Hello again everyone! I wanted to talk about more about some of amazing things and

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