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Mpala’s Charming Dik-diks

Dik-diks are a common and pleasant sight at Mpala. From the office block to the thick bush around and on live cameras at Explore.org, dik-dik couples can be seen quietly chewing on a variety of plants. Dik-diks are browsers, feeding on a diet consistently high in fermentable and digestible plant material. The adorable couples are

Kudus at the Hippo Pool

These beautiful kudus on the African Wildlife Cams have a big gender disparity. Val from Mpala explains more about these majestic antelope:

Getting to Know the Animals of Mpala: Most Common Visitors

This summer we launched our Africa Wildlife Cams in partnership with Mpala Research Centre in Lakipia, Central Kenya. The Cams are located in a section of the Ewaso Ng’iro River teeming with wildlife where more than 20 species have already shown up on the cams. We thought you should meet some of our African stars!

New Cam LIVE Today!

Feeling cheeky, I see… Well then, check out our newest Chipmunk Live Cam! Along a mountain ridge in Colorado, view life on the log with three species of chipmunks, two species of squirrel, and the occasional fox, deer, bear, antelope, and various bird species. Recognized for their pudgy cheeks, big glossy eyes, striped fur and

Animals of the Serengeti: Gazelles

There are 19 different species of gazelles found in Africa and Asia. The one pictured above is the common thomson’s gazelle. “The Thomson’s gazelle can reach speeds of 40[-60] miles an hour” (NatGeo) and their horns grow up to 17 inches! These gazelles were named for Joseph Thomson, a Scottish explorer of Africa and member

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