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Meet Warrior Canine Connection’s Newest Litter!

Please join us in welcoming Warrior Canine Connection back to the explore.org community! By Beth Bourgeois of Warrior Canine Connection Warrior Canine Connection welcomed its first litter of 2017 to the world. Jessi, a three-year-old Golden Retriever, is now mom to four male and four female pups. Named the “Courage Litter,” all eight puppies arrived during

Photo Courtesy of Kitten Rescue

The Powerpuff Girls & Cerebellar Hypoplasia

By Ben Lehrer of Kitten Rescue Cerebellar hypoplasia is roughly equivalent to cerebral palsy. The most likely cause of it in a litter of kittens is if the mom is infected with panleukopenia (feline distemper) while pregnant. The disease impacts cell replication in the cerebellum and they are born with impaired motor function. Severity can

Surya loves Roscoe

Unlikely Animal Friends Build Hope for a Cuter World

There’s something inherently heartwarming about friendships growing between individuals who are more different than alike, when two innocents who don’t realize they’re not supposed like each other strike up a lasting companionship. It gives hope that old enemies can heal wounds and that, well, maybe we can all just get along. We can all agree,

sled dog puppy

Sled dog puppy! Need we say more?

Various northern dog breeds can be found in Churchill. For a handful of dedicated locals raising dogs and/or mushing is a way of life.

owl family

Watch “A Mother’s Warmth”- A Short Film

In this short film you will see a mother owl keeping her baby owlets warm in their nest, as the snow blows a chilly air.

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