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black footed ferret

Black-Footed Ferret Makes a Comeback

The black-footed ferret, or mustela nigripes, edged close to extinction. However, the prairie dog-hunting native of North America is making a comeback.


Snow on Chipmunk Mountain!

The explore.org Chipmunk Cams will soon go off-air for the winter. With below freezing temperatures and blanket of snow on the ground, Colorado’s Lake Dillon – home of the Chipmunk Mountain and Chipmunk Log cams – will become a powdery playground for thousands of skiers flocking to the surrounding slopes, but the resident chipmunks will

chipmunk on a log

Top 5 Chipmunk Camera Photos Of The Week

These little critters sure are cute! If you can not get out to the forest to enjoy a little walk with chipmunks scurrying across your path; then take a look at the live cam to feel like you are in the woods! Here are five of the best photos of the week from Lake Dillon,

Chipmunks in Live Action!

We asked and you delivered! Thanks for the great snapshots from the Chipmunk Log Live Cam. You must have fast trigger fingers to catch them! Identifying Chipmunks:  The one captured by Homebird in the snapshot above appears to be a Uintah Chipmunk, though it’s mighty similar to the Least Chipmunk. What do you think?

Four Best Chipmunk Cam Snapshots of the Week

Thank you, thank you for snagging the furry creatures of Colorado in your snapshot nets! Our viewers have a good eye for our Chipmunk Live Cam!  You have to do a little searching, so see if you can spot them! We’re making due with the four best and await the fifth from YOU on this newer Live

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