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Round Island’s first “Lady Walrus”

By Margaret Archibald It can be difficult to see something you aren’t expecting to see. Especially if you have never seen it before. On May 18, 2018, Walrus Island State Game Sanctuary manager Ryan M got back to our research cabin from the Steller sea lion viewpoints at the south end of Round Island and

What Makes a Walrus a “Keystone” Species?

By Margaret Archibald The term “keystone species” describes a species whose role in its ecosystem is significant because it essentially shapes the habitat that the whole biotic community it lives in depends on. The classic example of a keystone species is of course the North American beaver, whose dam building is the architecture and infrastructure that

Round Island Foxes

By Margaret Archibald Red foxes are one of the special guest stars on the explore.org “walrus cam” where their cameos are often caught by sharp-eyed viewers as they tiptoe between the slumbering masses of walrus. The Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is both the largest land mammal and the largest land predator on Round Island. The role

Daily Dose of Love: Walrus Live Chat Thursday!

Make Room For The Walrus Experts! Do walrus’ tusks grow back? How long can a walrus hold its breath? To find the answers to these and any questions you have, join us tomorrow on the Walrus Cam at 2pm ET / 11am PT as we chat with Round Island wardens Margaret Archibald and Ryan Morrill, live from Alaska! Rick | explore.org  

Walrus Chat, Live From Round Island!

Join us on Thursday July 13th at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET for a live chat on Round Island with Ryan Morrill and Margaret Archibald. Ryan Morrill and Margaret Archibald work for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and will be your guiding experts as they answer your questions about walruses, Round Island, and other topics

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