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fox cuddles with man

This Fox Loves Cuddles from a Human Friend

Across the globe, the fox is often perceived as a crafty little creature; think of the Kitsune in Japanese tales. Or, just look to English, where we say someone is “sly as a fox” or where “vixen,” a female fox, is used as a not-too-kind term to describe a woman. Perhaps the fox is just misunderstood. Maybe these supposed tricksters of the animal kingdom can show a little affection for humans without an ulterior motive.

Take this purportedly orphaned fox seen in a YouTube video that’s been going around Reddit. This auburn-haired sweetie appears more like a household dog when the gentleman in the video gives a few smooches and some belly-tickles, responding with gentle nuzzles and hugs. Is the man in the video in for a surprise? Probably not.

Despite their questionable reputation, foxes aren’t always a nuisance. Some just need a little love.