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Q&A with Denver Holt- July 25, 2014

On one of the sunniest days we have seen in Barrow, Alaska Denver Holt of the Owl Research Institute joined us at the Snowy Owl nest site to tell us more about the Nomadic Arctic Ghost. Unfortunately the audio equipment did not work again so we typed answers into the cam comments feed; viewers in

Excuse Me – It’s Time to Talk Puffins! LIVE CHAT 07/18

Get your cup of joe and join us Friday morning on the Puffin Loafing Ledge Live Cam for a Live Expert Chat with Dr. Stephen Kress at 10am ET/7 am PT July 18th! Project Puffin Director, Dr. Kress will answer your questions about the Puffins, Puffling Pal, Terns, Guillemots and more! Submit your questions for the Q&A here. The National Audubon Society started Project Puffin in 1973 in an effort to learn

Snowy Owl Updates

We have a couple updates and lots of insider information from Denver at the Owl Research Institute from the past two weeks. Read below for highlights and background on this Owl family – and see them on the on the Live Cam here. (And thanks to our Cornell Lab of Ornithology moderator, Hollie_CornellLabStaff, for the screen snapshot

Meet the Bird People!

Like we said, the bird people are coming, or more accurately – experts from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will be coming to our Snowy Owl Live Cam soon! Meet our first three moderators in mini-bios below and stay updated on the launch of this partnership on the Snowy Owl Live Cam and our Facebook Page here! Rownsmith_CornellLabVolunteer is

The Bird People Are Coming!

Volunteers at the the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will be coming to our Snowy Owl Live Cam soon! These experts will moderate our new Snowy Owl Cam, and provide live “type-chats” with our viewers and more! Check out the Cam here and read below for more info on the Cornell Lab (and thanks to Pastor CJ for

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