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Your Unanswered Questions from Puffin Live Chat

After last week’s Puffin Live Cam Live Chat with Dr. Steve Kress, we had a few great questions but not enough time to answer them. Fear no more! Below, Dr. Kress took the time to circle back around and give some insight into your insightful questions! Do puffins vocalize when at sea?  Little is known about

Excuse Me – It’s Time to Talk Puffins! LIVE CHAT 07/18

Get your cup of joe and join us Friday morning on the Puffin Loafing Ledge Live Cam for a Live Expert Chat with Dr. Stephen Kress at 10am ET/7 am PT July 18th! Project Puffin Director, Dr. Kress will answer your questions about the Puffins, Puffling Pal, Terns, Guillemots and more! Submit your questions for the Q&A here. The National Audubon Society started Project Puffin in 1973 in an effort to learn