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Spoonbills Live Chat!

Have you been watching our new spoonbills camera? Have you ever wondered why spoonbills are pink or why they hang out near alligators?Well, then you will be excited to hear that we are hosting a live chat with Audubon’s Jerry Lorenz on Thursday, April 6th at 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST!  Since 1989, Lorenz has led

Featured User Snapshots!

See our favorite snapshots from the past couple of weeks below! We can’t wait to see what gems you capture next! Great Spirit Bluff Falcon Cam by 5WildlifeKids   Decorah Eagle Cam by Suzzi   Bella Hummingbird Cam by MelanieLinehan   Chesapeake Conservancy Falcon cam by Eaglenut   Kitten Rescue cam by MaiaWild

Hammerkops and Geese

Val from Mpala has been watching you watching Mpala! She gives us some amazing facts to accompany some of those amazing snapshots you’ve captured of African birds.

African Birds Part 2: African Spoonbill

This carnivorous bird stands as tall as 3 feet and uses its most prominent attribute to fish for small fish and aquatic invertebrates, such as crayfish and water beetles on the African Watering Hole Live Cam. 

African Birds Part 1: Egyptian Goose

The Egyptian Goose figured prominently in ancient civilizations. It was considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians, who believed that the geese were messengers between earth and heaven, and Greeks and Romans raised them for food.

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