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In Mom’s Shade and Shading

Chick Pia looks up to mom and waits for a meal. Rachel has been keeping the chicks cool and shaded under her wing in the Osprey nest on the Live Cam. When it comes to those vibrant feathers, Pia’s shading will change in the coming year. Here’s what to look for from below: Ospreys are

The Bird People Are Coming!

Volunteers at the the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will be coming to our Snowy Owl Live Cam soon! These experts will moderate our new Snowy Owl Cam, and provide live “type-chats” with our viewers and more! Check out the Cam here and read below for more info on the Cornell Lab (and thanks to Pastor CJ for

Did You Know?

Puffins mate on the water. The process of finding a mate include bowing, a male courtship display of its plumage with its head low to the ground. Head flicking, generally by sea in a raft, another display to attract the female with their colorful bills. And if successful: Copulation. At sea, rarely (and usually unsuccessful) on land; male

One Pine Siskin Is A Surprise. A Hundred Thousand Is A Revelation

At Project FeederWatch, everyday sightings combine for rare insights. In the winter of 2008-2009, the United States was flooded with Pine Siskins, small, streaky finches with a lemon-yellow flash in the wings. The birds left boreal Canada and spread across the continent from the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf Coast. Siskins by the millions blanketed