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Meet the Bird People!

Like we said, the bird people are coming, or more accurately – experts from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will be coming to our Snowy Owl Live Cam soon!

Meet our first three moderators in mini-bios below and stay updated on the launch of this partnership on the Snowy Owl Live Cam and our Facebook Page here!

  • Rownsmith_CornellLabVolunteer is an artist and bird enthusiast from Seattle. She’s been glued to Cornell’s bird cams since the Spring of 2012 and began volunteering this year with the Laysan Albatross cam. Rownsmith had an opportunity to see snowy owls in person during the irruption of 2013 but it required an expedited passport and a trip to Canada. She’s very excited about this new bird cam and the opportunity to see snowy owls in action from home.
  • Hollybczzi_CornellLabVolunteer lives in Sausalito, California and has always had a “desk job” which has meant she didn’t have the time to begin enjoying birds until she was mostly retired. In 2011, she first became interested in an Eagle nest cam in Iowa. That led to finding Cornell’s Great Blue Heron nest cam in 2012, and from that point on, Holly was hooked. She loved learning via the chat and watching those beautiful birds all during the nesting season. In 2013, she became a moderator for this site, and in January, 2014, was also moderating a Barred Owl box camera in Florida. Although birds are a fairly new passion for her, they ARE a passion… She enjoys the exchange on chat whereby one can learn and teach. She looks forward to being involved with the Arctic Snowy Owl nest cam and becoming educated about this beautiful bird.
  • Deronheron_CornellLabVolunteer is fascinated with all birds and was captivated by the Cornell Herons and Hawks.  Moderated for Cornell Herons since 2013 and volunteers in a Wildlife Care Center, rehabbing native birds of all kinds. Volunteering for the Snowy Owl cam because Cornell provides such a high quality experience and education for viewers – interesting projects and great chatters!