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This Week on Explore (6/16)

DN4 has fledged! After an accidental (and suspenseful) fledge, we have received confirmation that DN4 is successfully flying and exploring the area! He has also returned to the nest, a nice surprise for explore! ECAD has a new litter! Please welcome Midori’s litter! Check out her puptatoes here! Two of Charlo Montana Osprey’s eggs have hatched!

This Week On Explore! (6/9)

All three of Rachel and Steve’s eggs have hatched! Chick # 1, June 4th  at 1:45 am EDT Chick # 2  June 4th at 2:48 pm EDT Chick #3  June 7 at 12:30am EDT All Hawaii cameras have been updated and, as you can see, are stunning! Thanks, explore technical team! Honeybee hive cam is

What’s Denver Holt Got for You?!

On a very cold and misty Friday morning (last week, July 18th), Denver Holt of the Owl Research Institute and his research assistant ventured across the Arctic Tundra. (Denver can be seen above holding a brown lemming – keep reading!) Arriving at the Snowy Owl nest site, which we have been watching in wonder for

Snowy Owl Live Chat TODAY (7/18) @Noon PT/3pm ET

Join us in two hours for our next expert Live Cam Chat today, July 18th, with Denver Holt from the Owl Research Institute on the Snowy Owl Live Cam at 3 pm ET/Noon PT. Submit your questions in the comments section on the Live Cam here, or on Twitter by using the @snowyowlcam tag. For more than 25 years, the

Snowy Owl Updates

We have a couple updates and lots of insider information from Denver at the Owl Research Institute from the past two weeks. Read below for highlights and background on this Owl family – and see them on the on the Live Cam here. (And thanks to our Cornell Lab of Ornithology moderator, Hollie_CornellLabStaff, for the screen snapshot

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