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Snowy Owl AKA Arctic Ghost

Happy Halloween!: Are You Afraid of the Arctic Ghost?!

Deep in the frozen landscape of the Arctic tundra lives a rarely spotted, winged phantom with deadly talons. They only weigh 5 lbs and are less than 2 feet tall, but there’s a whole lot to fear if you’re a rodent!

The Bird People Are Coming!

Volunteers at the the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will be coming to our Snowy Owl Live Cam soon! These experts will moderate our new Snowy Owl Cam, and provide live “type-chats” with our viewers and more! Check out the Cam here and read below for more info on the Cornell Lab (and thanks to Pastor CJ for

New Live Cam: Snowy Owl Nest

Referred to as the “Arctic Ghost” for its wintery looks and rare sightings, you can now get intimate views of the Snowy Owl from our new Live Cam! For the first time ever, the much revered and supremely elusive  Snowy Owl is now accessible to any bird watcher. The cam is currently installed on a nesting