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Featured User Snapshots of February

Wow! We had an incredible amount of snapshots taken this month, each one as gorgeous as the next. Below are some of our favorite snapshots from February!

Sleepy kitty by ConnieSlotkin

035221263 (1)

Sweet Sea Lion by Starry


Bison Sunset by Remington714


Protective Momma by KLTARVIN

035242877 (1)

Full Eclipse on our Bison Cam by HuskerBear



Check out more gems at explore.org/snapshots!

  • Maria Miller

    Gorgeous! Especially our little sleepy Ben!

  • 2pointers

    Love ’em all!

  • Pansy2

    Beautiful pics everyone!

  • bearvin

    I know, I know, I say this every time new monthly viewer snapshots are posted, and I’ll say it again…..once again, our Explore viewers have provided us with National Geographic quality photos!! Just gorgeous.

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    Great selections of some wonderful moments

  • Ed Stephens

    What gorgeous shots by such talented viewers! THANK YOU all!

  • Anna-Marie_AZ

    These are all wonderful! Congratulations!

  • JeanneB

    These photos are AMAZING!! The cameras are getting better and better. Good job everyone on getting these shots..

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