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Monkey Business

In one of the most interesting sequences ever captured on Explore.org, a curious olive baboon appears to be investigating Explore.org’s broadcast equipment at Mpala’s favourite watering hole, the hippo pool. The worldwide community was treated to a close up ‘face to face’ experience with the baboons. Whenever guests take a tour of the Mpala Research Centre campus, they end up at

Valentine’s Day at the Hippo Pool

Love is on display, every day of the year at Mpala, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. At sunrise, a family of vervet monkeys descends from the yellow acacia canopies by the Ewaso Ng’iro river. It is grooming time as the 10-50 individuals bond over a flea removal exercise. On the opposite river bank,

This is What Friends Are For

These Vervet Monkeys are just doing a little weekend cleaning. You vacuum and grocery shop, they nit-pick… literally! Grooming is an important part of hygiene and hierarchy for Vervet Monkeys. It helps remove unwanted bugs and dirt, and the most dominant will receive the most grooming. Amazing Fact: Vervet monkeys have a sophisticated and diverse communication system,