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Egyptian geese

Valentine’s Day at the Hippo Pool

Love is on display, every day of the year at Mpala, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. At sunrise, a family of vervet monkeys descends from the yellow acacia canopies by the Ewaso Ng’iro river. It is grooming time as the 10-50 individuals bond over a flea removal exercise. On the opposite river bank,

A rock hyrax pup feeds while the mother warms up in the sun

Kissing Cousins: The Hyrax and The Elephant

A guest at Mpala and visitors on Explore.org’s live camera streams will be forgiven for describing hyraxes as over-sized rodents. The fascinating creatures look like adorable fluffy, well-fed rats.  Looking at them, one might guess that they are somewhere between big rats and small-eared rabbits. However, research reveals that hyraxes are not rodents but in fact, are the closest living

hippo family

Top 5 African Animal Photos Of The Week

There are so many beautiful animals to spy on when you take a look at the African animal cameras. If you ever have had the urge to go on an animal safaris, check out our live cameras and satisfy that itch. Here are five of the best photos of the week.

african elephant

Improve Your Memory with Elephant Facts

“As the world’s largest land mammal, elephants are incredibly powerful creatures, capable of completely altering environments by uprooting bushes and tearing down entire trees. Despite their strength, elephants are very dexterous. Using the nearly 100,000 muscles in its trunk, an elephant can use the tip of it to pick a single leaf off a branch.”

The last great picture by Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols (USA)

2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Named

London’s Natural History Museum just announced its winners of the wildlife photographer of the year 2014 competition. Photographer Michael Nichols took home the top prize for his photo of five sleeping lions in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. 

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