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african cheetahs

Helen and Stef Answer Your Questions on Cheetahs & Wild Dogs

Val from Mpala here. Mpala researchers Helen O’Neill and Stef Strebel have added new information to questions you sent in on Cheetahs and Wild Dogs.

Honey Badger from Mpala Field Guide

This Honey Badger Might Care

The honey badger got some viral fame a few years ago. Now we dig into the Mpala Field Guide for a few more details on this mostly fearless and often feared, small creature of Africa.

African Wild Dogs

Join Us for a Live Chat on African Wild Dogs and Cheetahs!

Join us next Tuesday, November 25th at 9 AM Pacific Time/Noon Eastern for a Live Chat with experts from our partners at Mpala who will dissect the nuances of (big) cats and (wild) dogs.

Puff Adder Snake

This Is the Real Puff Daddy

The puff adder snake can weigh up to 13 lbs and grow to 6 ft. long. Hunting by ambushing small rodent and amphibians, puff adder venom, one of the most toxic of any viper, immobilizes its prey though the adder’s long teeth and forceful bite sometimes kill it without any help from the venom.

white browed sparrow weaver

Nature’s Beautiful Builders

In the trees across Eastern Africa you might see astonishing, symmetrical, straw nests embedded like Christmas ornaments in the branches. Meet the small wonders that do the building. 

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