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Gyrfalcon seen on the Northern Lights Cam

Rare and Beautiful Gyrfalcon Gets its Own Live Chat with Expert Kurt Burnham

A rare and ghostly Gyrfalcon has made several appearances this season on explore’s Northern Lights Cam, presiding over the stark Manitoba tundra and awing thousands of viewers all over the world.

And since it is such an uncommonly seen animal, finding an expert to chat about the gyrfalcon has been difficult – until now! Join us Thursday, February 18th at 3pm PT / 6pm ET as High Arctic Institute founder Kurt Burnham answers your gyrfalcon questions live from the Northern Lights Cam.

Ask Kurt about why these birds of prey are so rarely seen and why it may be appearing on the Northern Lights Cam. Find out about its migration habits and its preferred diet. There is so much to learn about these unique creatures and Thursday’s your opportunity to join the fun!

Just tune in to the Northern Lights Cam at 3pm PT, type your questions in the comments section below the player and get ready to discover the secrets of the gyrfalcon.

Kurt Burnham cre­ated the High Arc­tic Insti­tute in 2006. In 2008 he earned his PhD from the Uni­ver­sity of Oxford, his research focus­ing on Pere­grine and Gyr­fal­con pop­u­la­tions in Green­land. He has con­ducted field research in Green­land every sum­mer since 1991, spend­ing nearly three com­bined years of his life there.

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