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CamOp Photo Contest Winners for December

Our Camera Operators provide our community with great live footage every single day! Therefore, they are able to find these beautiful gems and help show us just how beautiful nature can be. Here are the photo contest winners for December! First Place:  CamOp Chris Osprey Boathouse Camera “Sunrise Guest” Runner Up:  CamOp Benn Siku &


CamOp Photo Contest Winners for November

Our Camera Operators have the best seat in the house! With access to amazing live footage around the world, they are able to capture some amazing moments. Here are the photo contest winners for November! First Place: CamOp Bill Bison Calving Camera “Prarie Sunset”   Runner Up: CamOp Melinda African Animals Camera “Up Close”  


Africa’s Giraffe Population Is in Trouble

Giraffes are in trouble and, according to a recent story from Scientific American, the plight of these magnificent creatures has fallen under the radar.

Two hippos at the watering hole playing together!

Top 5 African Animal Photos Of The Week

Hippos, giraffes and elephants…oh my! Take a look at the fives best photos of the week taken from the African Animal Camera.

Standing Like Statues

Giraffes have perfected the living statue. Val from Mpala answers an African Wildlife Cam viewer’s question on how they got so still. 

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