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African Wild Dogs are Back on Mpala!

After a year-long absence from Mpala, the home of African wildlife on Explore, a pack of eight African wild dogs has reappeared! “Of course we are excited to see them!” says Dedan Ngatia of The Kenya Rangeland Wild Dog & Cheetah Project based on Mpala. Dedan is hopeful about the return. “The alpha female is pregnant. We anticipate seeing

The Many Angles of the Northern Saw-Whet Owl

During the Arts of Birding camp session on Hog Island this week there was an opportunity to learn more about the life history of certain birds of prey including a golden eagle and this dainty Saw-Whet Owl. Photos Courtesy of Mary La Creta

Project Puffin Island News!

On Pond Island, one of Project Puffin’s smallest research islands which focuses on studying and protecting common terns, the seabird biologists found signs that a Great Horned Owl was hunting in the tern colony. The biggest indication was that the colony of common terns were “dreading” each evening and abandoning the island for the night

The Puffins Will Be Coming Back Soon!

Just a quick reminder to all of you bird fans, that there are more than osprey that we will be watching this summer! The puffins will soon be returning to Seal Island and the other seabird islands run by Project Puffin and explore.org will be there watching with their puffin loafing ledge cam and puffin

What A Photogenic Bird We Have!

Rachel, our Hog Island osprey is looking none the worse for wear after a winter away from her summer home in Maine.

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