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Project Puffin Island News!

On Pond Island, one of Project Puffin’s smallest research islands which focuses on studying and protecting common terns, the seabird biologists found signs that a Great Horned Owl was hunting in the tern colony. The biggest indication was that the colony of common terns were “dreading” each evening and abandoning the island for the night

Osprey Interloper!

This female osprey has begun hanging around the Hog Island osprey nest since the weekend. She has been accompanied by a male osprey, who might in fact be Steve… What does this mean? Is Steve supporting more than one female? Has Rachel decided to go elsewhere? On Monday Osprey cam commenters watched as this interloper

Feathers That Don’t Molt

Found in birds such as pigeons and herons, powder down feathers are never molted. Instead, they grow continuously but disintegrate at the tips into something like a fine talcum powder. The powder permeates the other feathers, presumably to provide waterproofing, although the exact function is not well understood. This immature black crowned night heron is

Fickle Female Barn Swallows Prefer Strong Colors

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds: Research by Rebecca Safran indicates just how important the color of feathers can be. Male Barn Swallows have a wash of reddish-chestnut color from their throats to their bellies. This color varies among birds from very pale red-brown to a dark rusty-red. Female Barn Swallows

Detail Of Rachel

Some beautiful detail caught by the osprey camera this past season. The feathers of of this magnificent raptor glow in the morning sunrise.