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Waddle this Way!

Did You Know? A group of penguins can have several different names. A group of penguins is a “colony,” but when on land, also referred to as a “waddle”. When they are at sea and close together, they are a “raft” of penguins! See them waddle on the live cam at the Aquarium of the


 2 sweet weeks about the honey bee 5. Heavy Lifting In a single collecting trip, a worker bee will visit between 50 and 100 flowers. She will return to the hive carrying over half her weight in pollen and nectar. (PBS NOVA) See our honey bee live cam with an inside view as they rebuild their hive in


2 sweet weeks about the honey bee 3. Gettin’ Around To make one pound of honey, workers in a hive fly 55,000 miles and tap two million flowers. (PBS NOVA) See our honey bee hive live cam where they are busy rebuilding their hive in Germany!

Stretching The Wings, Getting Ready To Fly!

This juvenile roseate tern will soon depart it’s home colony on Seal Island Maine and migrate south where it is much more comfortable in tropical climes. Photo Capture by Danielle Smith

Project Puffin Island News!

On Pond Island, one of Project Puffin’s smallest research islands which focuses on studying and protecting common terns, the seabird biologists found signs that a Great Horned Owl was hunting in the tern colony. The biggest indication was that the colony of common terns were “dreading” each evening and abandoning the island for the night

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